Artes et Ethica 10 – World in 100 Years

La decima edizione di Artes et Ethica, il percorso di formazione all’etica del lavoro e di impresa per giovani imprenditori, professionisti e dirigenti, inizia con un interessante incontro tra Italia e Russia, una occasione unica per conoscere punti di vista diversi sul nostro prossimo futuro.

Humanity is still aiming towards a future utopia, an ideal world in which the problems of resource requirements have been solved, conflicts have been eliminated, equality among people has been attained and the environment is clean. In an incredibly technologized society, we continue to dream of “paradise”. Today, we are witnessing a clash of two different concepts of “paradise” – the rationalist and the religious. We have reachede a stage of human development where progress has ceased to be a universal value and the ideology of the Enlightenment is in crisis. “Paradise” remains excruciatingly out of reach.

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